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New true crime podcasts have been released, both exploring unsolved crimes. One from iHeartRadio looks at a 1989 murder that made headlines this year when the man convicted was set free after almost 30 years in prison. Another, from Tegna, focuses on a long-unsolved murder of a 10-year old Cleveland girl. Here’s some of what’s new this week in podcasting:

Murder In Oregon is a new iHeartPodcast Network show that focuses on one of Oregon’s most notorious unsolved mysteries, the 1989 murder of Michael Francke, former Director of Oregon’s Department of Corrections. The podcast is hosted by writer-producer Lauren Bright Pacheco and Phil Stanford, a fellow writer who has written several books on crime and corruption. The podcast is particularly timely as the man convicted of murdering Francke, Frank Gable, was recently exonerated and released from prison on June 27, after serving almost three decades behind bars for a crime he didn’t commit.

Unprecedented is a new eight- eight-episode podcast series from WAMU Washington (88.5) that tells the raw and emotional stories of ordinary people who defined the limits of our First Amendment rights. Hosted by radio producers Michael Vuolo and Matthew Schwartz, the series tells the stories of protestors, pornographers, religious zealots, and Klan members who were plaintiffs of precedent-setting cases – many of whom have never been interviewed before – and who have become accidental guardians of free speech. “Matt and Mike poured their hearts into this podcast,” said said Andi McDaniel, senior director of content and news. “They were haunted by these stories — and never gave up the idea that they would tell them in this unique and engrossing way.” The podcast also features special appearances by NPR’s Nina Totenberg.

Primed returns for a third season from KUOW-FM Seattle (94.9) focused on hometown tech giant Amazon. Hosts Carolyn Adolph and Joshua McNichols explore the unseen ways Amazon and its artificial intelligence technology are rewiring our personal lives. It includes topics such as how parents are trying to figure out new rules for when and how kids can talk to Alexa and how Alexa is helping people maintain independence as they age. “This season is for super users of smart technology as well as the people out there who have serious misgivings," said KUOW News Director Jill Jackson. “Our Primed team this season is telling original stories about Amazon and gaining access to the company in ways that few reporters can claim.”

Amy Should Be Forty is a new podcast from Tegna’s Vault Studios. The story chronicles the 1989 kidnapping and murder of 10-year old Amy Mihaljevic in suburban Cleveland. The Vault team partnered with WKYC-TV, Tegna’s NBC affiliate in Cleveland, to investigate the mysterious circumstances surrounding Mihaljevic’s murder and how new evidence and technological advances in DNA testing could help catch a killer who has been at large for three decades. The podcast is co-hosted by WKYC-TV senior reporter Drew Horansky. “Amy’s murder still haunts those of us who were living in the Cleveland area at the time,” he said. 

Amy Should Be Forty is the fifth production from Tegna’s Vault Studios this year. “Amy Should Be Forty is the latest example of the high-quality content that results from the Vault model of leveraging local Tegna stations and journalists with roots in their communities to create impactful, informative and entertaining podcasts,” said Adam Ostrow, Chief Dgital Officer at Tegna.

Spirited is a new podcast from Vennly, a spiritual health platform focused on developing short-form audio content and produced by Wonder Media Network. Spirited is a weekly podcast hosted by Dr. Simran Jeet Singh, a renowned educator, writer, and social activist. ““The idea for this show is to lift us up and point the way forward, providing some fun, thought-provoking, and spirited conversations along the way,” he says. The first season will include 12 episodes, featuring interviews with guests including comedian/social commentator Hari Kondabolu, U.S. Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN), activist Charlotte Clymer, the Rev. Dr. Amy Butler, among other thought leaders across politics, faith/spirituality and social justice.

“Across faith traditions, America’s houses of worship have historically been a critical source of community engagement and social activation,” said Vennly co-founder and CEO Brian Landau. “But as a recent Pew study found, religious affiliations – particularly among younger Americans – are declining as more and more individuals look to redefine faith and spiritualty in a more intimate and individualized way. We believe Spirited is uniquely positioned to provide those of us on a spiritual journey with the connection and encouragement to social engagement so critical to community well-being and a rich spiritual life.” 

Wine School Dropout is a new podcast from Studio Ochenta. Hosted by wine consultant and blogger Tanisha Townsend, the show is designed to teach listeners everything they need to know about wine but are afraid to ask. The first season is being published biweekly and it tackles subjects such as wine language, wine pricing, and understanding vintage wines. It will be released in English first, this fall, followed by French and Spanish language versions which have been adapted to reflect those specific wine cultures.

Gangster Capitalism is a new documentary podcast series from C13Originals focused on the college admissions scandal. The show will explore the biggest academic scandal in history with not only legal analysis but also reenactments of wiretapped calls and emails among its participants. Gangster Capitalism is hosted and co-written by award-winning documentarian Andrew Jenks. C13Originals is the division of Cadence13 focused on original storytelling and developing a slate of IP through a new premium level in-house production studio. 

The Next Big Idea is a new show from Wondery and the Next Big Idea Club. Hosted by Rufus Griscom, the podcast explores groundbreaking ideas that have the power to change the way we live, work, and think. The series features thought-leaders including the Club’s curators Malcolm Gladwell, Susan Cain, Adam Grant, and Daniel Pink..

Hollinger & Duncan NBA Show is a new show from the Locked On Podcast Network. It is hosted by Nate Duncan, host of the popular Dunc’d On podcast, and NBA analytics pioneer and former Memphis Grizzlies VP of Basketball Operations John Hollinger. The new show will take a unique look at the NBA from the inside-out. The Hollinger & Duncan NBA Show joins the Locked On Podcast Network lineup, which now has 34 podcasts covering the NBA, including daily podcasts on every NBA team.

Prostate Cancer Uncensored is anew podcast that focuses on the sexual side effects of the most commonly diagnosed non-skin cancer among American men, and one of the leading causes of cancer deaths among men. The show will feature conversations with patients, survivors, and physicians zero in on disease outcomes that are rarely openly discussed.

SkyLights is a new biweekly series that’s focused on the journey toward wellness, self-discovery, and growth. It comes from Open Sky, a wilderness therapy program nestled in the mountains of southwest Colorado. Hosted by Open Sky Co-founder Emily Fernandes, the podcast focusers on topics facing adolescents and young adults today including adolescent gaming disorder, and how to support young adults with gender and sexual issues.

Hormonal is a new podcast aiming to solve the mystery of hormones. The weekly podcast, hosted by author Rhea Ramjohn and produced by Kassandra Sundt, formerly of Gimlet and WBUR, will explore the different ways in which hormones affect our lives. It is a product of Hello Clue, the world’s fastest-growing female health app.

Growing Old LGBT is a new podcast series from KJZZ Phoenix (91.5). The show focuses on the challenges related to finances, family relationships, or even housing discrimination faced by people older gay, lesbian and bisexual Americans.

What Makes A Killer is among the shows to be released by Audioboom as part of its new fall slate of content. What Makes A Killer looks look into the life and crimes of the world’s most infamous serial killers. It features interviews with family members, forensic experts, law enforcement and witnesses. Audioboom has also returned the Fleet Cooper-hosted series Mafia for a third season. The third season offers up new tales of vice and ambition, delving into the rise and fall of mobsters like Al Capone, Arnold Rothstein and Joe Colombo. Mafia is Audioboom’s most successful limited series production to date with more than eight million downloads in the first two seasons. 

Behind The Scenes At O.C.C. is a new podcast featuring the Orange County Choppers (OCC) crew, who were made world famous by Discovery Channel’s “American Choppers” television show. Hosted by Paul Teutel, Sr. and several other members of the TV cast, the podcast will dig into decades of behind the scenes stories. The crew will reminisce through experiences, encounters, builds, and shop drama to provide listeners with the OCC lore that made the show famous. 

In Pursuit is a new podcast from the job site Glassdoor. The career-minded podcast is hosted by Amy Elisa Jackson and dives deep into how real people navigate the challenges, complicated lessons and turning points in their lives and careers.  The first episode featured Brené Brown, vulnerability researcher and best-selling author, sharing her unconventional journey to “overnight success”, navigating sobriety in the limelight and her biggest career lessons.

Rising is a new biweekly podcast celebrating the fast movers in marketing, media, and innovation.  It is hosted by Josh Boaz, co-founder of the digital marketing agency Direct Agents, and Mat Zuker, a partner at the global consultancy Prophet. Each episode features Boaz and Zucker asking guests about career trajectory, skills gained along the way, and the future trends.  Interviewees at launch include Joe Conyers of Songster and Amy Weisenbach of The New York Times. 

Opal Watson: Private Eye is a new podcast from the children’s podcast company Pinna. The mystery series featuring an 11-year old girl who has a knack for detective work and who is visually impaired. The show is written by best-selling children's book author Natasha Tarpley.

A to Z Mysteries: Clue Club is a new podcast from the children’s podcast company Pinna. Inspired by the original Random House chapter book series, Clue Club features mysteries that invite listeners to piece together clues, interview witnesses and discover suspects to solve mysteries. This podcast has kids hone their detective skills using sound design that alerts listeners to clues that may be important, and kids get to feel like they're actively participating in mystery-solving with their favorite characters.  

Hero Hotel is a new 10-episode series from the children’s podcast company Pinna.  Hero Hotel brings to life the Fanbase Press novel by the same name.  “Listeners will follow Chet's adventures to see if he can remain an under-appreciated hero, or if he'll succumb to a prophesy of villainy,” says a show announcement.

The Stayhealthy Experience is a new podcast hosted by hosted by Robert Ferguson, Stayhealthy's health ambassador and noted nutrition expert. The weekly program will feature conversations centered on healthy living with celebrity guests from sports and entertainment, as well as experts in personal fitness, wellness and healthcare.  The first episode will premiere on November 5 with hip-hop legend Chuck D. as special guest.