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The Los Angeles Times podcast push brings a new show that discovers the identity of a man on life support for more than 15 years and finds the family that feared the worst. Also this week a new Stitcher podcast explores the secret life of a New York drag club maven and mob wife. And one of the shows that’s part of the PRX/Google Podcasts creator is released. Here’s some of what’s new this week in podcasting:


Room 20 is a new podcast from LA Times Studio. The six-episode series features the search for the identity of an anonymous man who remained on life support for more than 15 years. The podcast unfolds as investigative journalist Joanne Faryon quits her job to investigate how the man, believed to be a Mexican migrant who was in a car crash while crossing the border, ended up in a California nursing home for nearly two decades. Using his accident report as a roadmap, Faryon travels across international borders and state lines as she discovers his true identity – landing at the doorstep of a woman in Ohio who has feared the worst for years. 


Mob Queens is a new podcast from Stitcher that explores the story of Anna Genovese, a New York drag club maven, self-styled entrepreneur and mob wife. The show features hosts Jessica Bendinger and Michael Seligman on a quest to write Genovese’s biography. But as they start to unravel Anna’s story, they realize their heroine is more complicated than they’d expected. Mob Queens premieres August 19.


Passenger List is a podcast from Radiotopia that tells the story of Atlantic Flight 702. The fictional flight disappeared on a trip from London to New York with 256 passengers onboard. The mystery podcast stars actress Kelly Marie Train who plays a college student whose brother was among the passengers on the ill-fated flight. In the podcast she works to discover what really happened. Passenger List was created, co-written and co-directed by John Scott Dryden and co-written and co-directed by Lauren Shippen. It is set to be released September 16.


Adult ISH is moving to Radiotopia for its second season. The podcast is hosted by Nyge Turner and Merk Nguyen. They are in their early twenties and need help figuring out their lives. They tap into celebrity “experts” for advice. It’s produced by YR Media. The new season begins publishing on August 22. “As Radiotopia evolves, we continue to live our mission of empowering bold, independent creators while exploring the creative potential for audio,” said Radiotopia Executive Producer Julie Shapiro.


Voices in the Hall, the podcast from the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum, will release its second season beginning August 16. The podcast features conversations with some of country music’s most fascinating and influential figures. The second season features interviews with Jimmie Allen, Kane Brown, Sam Bush, Nick Lowe, Buddy and Julie Miller, Linda Ronstadt and The War & Treaty. Voices in the Hall is hosted by Peter Cooper, the Museum’s senior director and the show is recorded in the museum’s audio lab by Alan Stoker, curator of recorded sound. The show is co-produced by veteran broadcasters Ben Manilla and Jennie Cataldo of BMP Audio.


The Big Ones has launched a new season once again asking the big questions in life. Hosted by Earios founders Maria Blasucci and Amanda Lund, the weekly podcast looks at new ethical questions ranging from historical decisions to relationship dilemmas. Earios is the newly-lunched network of female-centric podcasts.


The Forecast Fest, CNN’s political podcast, is changing its format just in time for the 2020 presidential election season. Host Harry Enten will take on CNN anchor Kate Bolduan and CNN political commentator John Avlon as co-hosts for the show. CNN says the podcast has also relocated its production from New York to Washington, DC.


How To! With Charles Duhigg is a new podcast from Slate that describes itself as a podcast whose host is a mix of Dear Abby and an investigative reporter. That host is Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Charles Duhigg. In the weekly podcast, Slate says he’ll take on listeners’ toughest problems and, with the help of experts, find the answers to questions they’ve always wanted to ask, but couldn’t. “Service journalism is some of the most important work reporters do, and we want to bring the tools of investigative reporting to a new realm: Your problems,” Duhigg told MediaPost. Audible is the launch sponsor.


Timestorm, the fictional podcast about 12-year old twins who travel through time to preserve Puerto Rico’s true history, relaunched this week. “Alexa and Beni are New Jersey kids to the core, but they have a genuine curiosity about who and what came before them. While exploring their culture’s past, they start to take ownership over it,” said Dania Ramos, series creator, writer, and producer. The show is produced Cocotazo Media. Timestorm was one of six podcasts selected for the inaugural cohort of the PRX/Google Podcasts creator program.


Unbroken the Podcast is a show hosted by Charlotte, NC television reporter Savannah Levins. On the weekly podcast she features a guest who has coped with heartbreak or adversity. Since Unbroken launched in March the show has featured topics such as crumbled marriages, infidelity, mental health, infertility and chronic illness. "I've seen so much pain and hurt in this line of work," Levins said. "For every heartbreaking or shocking story, there's always hope, healing, and strength. And I've found that to be incredibly inspiring." 


Thinking Freelyis a new podcast from the ACLU of Maryland. Hosted and produced byAmber Taylor, the ACLU chapter’s Digital Communications Strategist, the show is designed to inform residents about what’s happening in their state, from the courts to the streets, so they can get involved. “The Thinking Freely podcast speaks to a younger, diverse audience of Marylanders who are interested in politics but who don’t know where to go or how to connect locally with the work happening here,” Taylor said.


The Regulators is a new podcast from the National Association of Insurance Commissioners. The monthly show features interviews with regulators and focuses on issues facing the insurance industry both today and in the future. "Listeners will get an inside look at key issues facing insurance regulators and the industry" said NAIC CEO Michael Consedine, who hosts the show. "It's also an opportunity for people to understand the unique perspective of insurance regulators as they deal with some of the hottest topics in the insurance industry." Topics for season one include: annuity suitability, international governance, and climate risk and resiliency. 


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