Sweden and Equatorial Guinea may not have all that much in common. But the list of commonalities has grown by one as Voxnest reports its monthly analysis indicates Spotify has taken the lead in podcasting in both countries. The data is collected as part of its advertising-focused Voxnest Audience Network and since last spring it has shown Apple losing its dominant position around the globe as Spotify amped up its podcast efforts.

“Spotify’s aggressive approach for gaining podcast listeners continues to pay off,” says Voxnest. “During the month of October, they claimed Sweden and Equatorial Guinea.” In a blog post it also points out that Spotify has made its gains as Apple hasn’t made any countermoves. “We can only predict that the tide will continue to rise for them during the remainder of 2019,” it said.

The October changes were fewer than in September when six countries tilted in Spotify’s favor. But the addition of Sweden to the Spotify map is no doubt especially good news considering that’s where the streaming service is headquartered. Sweden is also among the biggest non-English speaking countries for podcast consumption.