How Men Think

It’s man code, decoded. That’s the brief on a new iHeartPodcast Network original show called How Men Think. It brings together Gavin DeGraw, an award-winning singer and songwriter and Brook Laich, a hockey player in the NHL, along with Demetri, a comedy writer, Ryan, a television executive and Rik, a coach and IT professional. The podcast examines the minds of men and their thoughts on life, love and self-discovery. “We’re trying to be as honest as we can with you without killing our own careers,” DeGraw says on the show’s trailer.

The show is geared toward female listeners, helping them decipher what their boyfriends or husbands may be thinking. The panel discusses a host of topics ranging from relationships and marriage to children, health, wellness, lifestyle and the world. Five may be a lot of voices for a single podcast. But since each of the men is in different stages of their lives, the thought is they’ll each bring a unique perspectives and depth to the conversation.

Laich took to Instagram this week to promote the podcast and described it as “raw and unfiltered” and “a vessel of service to positively impact the lives of our listeners” and make them laugh along the way.”