Hubbard Radio has long been one of the advocates for podcasting among radio companies, including its investment in PodcastOne in 2015. Now the company is looking to leverage its audience in its home state of Minnesota with the creation of PodMN, a new podcast app built specifically for Minnesota. The app beta-launched last December. It showcases podcasts that feature voices, topics, and stories that are rooted in the state.

In a world with more than a million podcasts available, Hubbard Radio’s VP of Digital Strategy Jeremy Sinon said it is easy to understand how local can get lost in the shuffle. “If your main source of discovery for podcasts is one of the big podcast apps, you would have a hard time knowing that local content even exists,” Sinon said. “We’re trying to solve that problem by giving Minnesotans an app that is dedicated to serving them audio that caters to their local interests.”

The company says PodMN features hundreds of podcasts that would appeal to Minnesotans covering the Vikings, Twins, Gophers, Wild, Lynx, Loons and Wolves as well as podcasts on the musician Prince and true crime series set in the state. Not all the content is from Hubbard Radio. It also features podcasts from other Minnesota-based radio stations, television stations, newspapers, businesses and universities.

PodMN Senior Editor Beth K. Gibbs also produces and co-hosts the podcast Totes Recall. As a creator, she said she is looking forward to having her podcast more discoverable among local listeners, as well as potentially more profitable.

“It’s hard to stand out in the podcasting world if you’re not already a household name,” Gibbs said. “PodMN creates an excellent opportunity to shine a light on independent Minnesota podcasters who might not be getting the attention they should be getting.”

Hubbard Radio will use some of its radio marketing experience to promote PodMN by offering local rewards for listening to podcasts on the app. “PodMN users will have the chance to win several prizes offered up every week,” Hubbard Radio’s VP/Minnesota Regional Manager Dan Seeman said. “This gives us the ability to not only incentivize listeners to listen local, but gives our great local partners ways to participate and put their product in front of local consumers.”