3.5 Degrees

Podcasters are always looking for ways to promote their show and Pacific Content VP Steve Pratt says an idea to steal comes from Facebook. It’s taken the traditional “swag bag” that’s given out to attendees at promotional events and tailored it to its podcast Three and a Half Degrees: The Power of Connection. Whenever a guest makes an appearance on the show, Pratt says they walk away with a guest appreciation kit. Personalized to each guest, the gift box shows up on the door with promotional materials like a poster of their appearance on the podcast. The box also includes an mp3 player that includes the guest’s episode as well as a personalized greeting from host David Fischer.

There are also the usual items such as t-shirts, pins and stickers. “They deliberately included more than necessary so that it was really easy for guests to give out the swag to their family, friends, and colleagues,” Pratt says in a blog post. He says guests love the goodies so much they have posted photos and videos on social media about what’s arrived in the mail.

Pratt says it may be some extra work for a show producer, but it’s not overwhelming. And relative to what it takes to advertise a podcast, the cost of the promotional items is comparatively cheap.

“The value of recognizing the contributions of the guests and letting them know how much they were appreciated is invaluable,” says Pratt. “You don’t have to be Facebook to do something like this. Any podcaster of any size can come up with a unique guest thank you solution that meets your budget and resources.”

See photos of the Facebook promotional material HERE.