hell and gone220

The iHeartRadio true-crime podcast Hell and Gone returns to small-town Arkansas for its second season. “I get a lot of emails about cold cases all the time,” host Catherine Townsend says. “Usually when I look at a story I can usually tell in the first five minutes what probably happened. But this one is really strange.”

In the new season, Townsend, a writer and private investigator, digs into the unsolved, possibly murderous death of 16-year-old Janie Ward. She was a high schooler who died at a cabin party in the middle of the woods just outside her hometown of Marshall, AR in September 1989. The podcast will use archival tape of interviews given to the media as well as offer updated accounts to look into why it has been 30 years since Ward’s death and no one has been able to determine exactly how she died, despite multiple investigations and autopsies. “It’s not just for the victim and the victim’s family—it’s the worst for them—but also the people who were accused and were never cleared one way or the other. When there’s no justice done it hurts a lot of people in this little town,” Townsend says.

Hell and Gone previously went to Arkansas to explore the cold-case murder of Rebekah Gould, a beautiful and popular college student who was suspiciously killed in 2004.