IDA 220

The International Documentary Association’s annual awards will be handed out on February 5. When they do, podcasters will be on the stage at Paramount Studios in Los Angeles. That’s because the Annual IDA Documentary Awards now honor audio-only content. Among the nominees are BBC Sounds, iHeartRadio, Pineapple Street Studios, PRX and Vice as well as public radio outlets WNYC New York and WAMU Washington.

Here are the podcast nominees:

Best Multi-Part Audio Documentary or Series


  • My Fugitive
    Reporter: Nina Gilden Seavey. Producers: Kat Aaron, Joel Lovell, Agerenesh Ashagre, Justine Daum, Maddy Sprung-Keyser, Janelle Anderson and Maria Robins-Somerville. Executive Producers: Jenna Weiss-Berman and Max Linsky
    USA / Pineapple Street Studios
  • Suave
    Reporters: Maggie Freleng and Julieta Martinelli. Producers: Maria Hinojosa, Maggie Freleng, Julieta Martinelli, Marlon Bishop, Audrey Quinn and Stephanie Lubow. Executive Producer: Maria Hinojosa
    USA / Futuro Studios, PRX
  • I'm Not A Monster
    Reporter: Josh Baker. Producers: Josh Baker, Joe Kent and Max Green. Executive Producers: Raney Aronson-Rath and Dylan Haskins
    UK, USA, Syria / FRONTLINE, BBC Sounds, BBC Panorama
  • Through The Cracks
    Producers: Ruth Tam and Patrick Fort. Executive Producer: Poncie Rutsch

Best Stand-Alone Audio Documentary

  • VICE News Reports: Monaea, A 2020 Diary
    Reporters: Monaea Upton and Jen Kinney. Producers: Jen Kinne, Ashley Cleek, Adizah Eghan and Adreanna Rodriguez. Executive Producer: Kate Osborn
    USA / VICE News, iHeartRadio
  • The Story of Two Moms
    Executive Producer: Yeonhui Lee
    Republic of Korea / KBS. Producer: Woo-Kwang Kim

This year, IDA says it received 747 submissions including 41 audio documentaries and podcasts. The nominees are selected by independent committees of 228 documentary makers, curators, critics, and industry experts from 44 countries. 51% of the committee identified as female, 59% as BIPOC, 20% as LGBTQ+ and 2% as disabled.

Winners for all other categories will be announced at the awards ceremony on Saturday, February 5, 2022. See the full list of nominees HERE.