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A third of air personalities are now doing a podcast. That includes 13% who say they’ve been doing one “for years.” That’s according to Jacobs Media. But its Air Talent Questionnaire, an anonymous online survey of more than 1,000 on-air talent, found that the biggest hurdle to getting the other two-thirds of air personalities to become podcasters is simply a lack of time in their workday. The survey found 45% of air talent doesn’t have the time to expand into podcasting—and things don’t seem to be getting much better. That’s on par with the 44% reported in last year’s Air Talent Questionnaire.

Seth Resler, a Jacobs Media digital consultant who has worked behind both the mic and at the programming desk in major markets radio stations, says it’s not surprising that on-air talent feels they’re stretched too thin since most are doing several jobs once handled by other personnel, like production directors or even program directors. But in a blog post he says voicetracking technology and automation software now in use should also allow talent to “do more of what they’re best at: create compelling audio content.” He says that could include creating podcasts.

“If an on-air personality is particularly engaging when they're interviewing local bands or talking about craft beer or ranting about their parenting troubles, let them run with it in a podcast. Stars are hard to find, so if you've got some on your staff, don't bury them in Selector logs or banish them to the production studio. Encourage them to explore the podcasting space, and give them the time to do so,” writes Resler.

Yet it’s not just time constraints that are keeping some air personalities from working in podcasting. Twelve percent admitted in the Jacobs Media survey that they are “clueless” when it comes to making one. And 10% said they “don’t’ see what’s the point” of doing so. That’s down slightly from last year’s 13% that said they’re not convinced that doing a podcast is a good use of their time.




Jacobs Media will present the results from its second annual Air Talent Questionnaire at Morning Show Boot Camp in a Sept. 4 webinar. Sign up for that HERE.