The new year will usher in a new host for The Argument, the weekly debate podcast created by the New York Times. Jane Coaston has been recruited from Vox to host the show beginning in early 2021 after the inauguration. She succeeds hosts Times Opinion writers Michelle Goldberg, Ross Douthat, David Leonhardt and Frank Bruni who have anchored The Argument since it launched two years ago.

“More than 100 episodes later, they’ve built a loyal audience of listeners who return week after week to get something they can’t anywhere else. It’s a mission we intend to carry on after this momentous election with a new host who has several big pairs of shoes to fill,” said a joint announcement by Editorial Page Editor Kathleen Kingsbury and Times Managing Producer of Audio Paula Szuchman.. They said Coaston will be joined by a rotating cast of guests and debaters from within and outside the Times Opinion section including return visits by Goldberg and Douthat.

Coaston most recently was a Senior Politics Reporter at Vox with a focus on the GOP, conservatism, the far-right and white nationalism. She has also been a guest host for Vox’s The Ezra Klein Show podcast and a regular co-host of Vox’s The Weeds podcast. Prior to Vox, Coaston worked at The St. Louis Post-Dispatch, before joining MTV News in 2016, covering the election. She has also written about college football and the NFL for SBNation.