Controversy can help bring a podcast attention, but keeping those listeners is the real test. And Barstool Sports’ Call Her Daddy appears to be doing that. In its latest ranking of the shows it measures, Podtrac says the Alexandra Cooper-hosted podcast remained in fourth place for a second month. The podcast began turning up in Podtrac’s monthly top 20 report in February, after Sofia Franklyn and her former co-host attempted to leave Barstool. Ultimately the podcast remained, albeit with Cooper solo-hosting.

The top of the Podtrac ranker was uncontroversial, however, as the top three podcasts remained the same. The New York Times-produced The Daily remained in the top spot for the 20th consecutive month during June. It was followed by NPR’s hourly five-minute podcast NPR News Now and the NPR-produced Up First. And The Daily Wire’s The Ben Shapiro Show moved up to and into the top five. 

This American Life was next, followed by the iHeartPodcast Network-produced Stuff You Should Know, then the NBC News-produced Dateline NBC, Barstool Sports’ Pardon My Take, and NPR’s Planet Money.

Podtrac’s monthly ranker also included a new daily news podcast. The CNN Daily News Briefing podcast, which publishes a three-minute episode each weekday morning and afternoon, debuted at No. 19. Another debut was The Dan Bongino Show. The Westwood One talk show host likely benefited from his frequent appearances on Fox News. The headlines about racial justice also helped NPR’s Code Switch, which made its debut at No. 20 last month.

Podtrac earlier reported that NPR had retaken the top spot on its monthly ranker of publishers during June. NPR’s unique U.S. audience increased 1% month-to-month and its global downloads grew 5%. In the neck-and-neck race, Podtrac says the iHeartPodcast Network downloads were also up to more than 24 million last month, and iHeart remained the biggest commercial podcaster.

Podtrac said the average unique monthly U.S. audience for the top ten publishers increased 4% from May to June. The increase was considerably bigger – 21% – when compared to June 2019. It’s a similar story among the number of streams and downloads. For the top ten publishers, that number increased by 5% month-to-month but showed a 64% year-to-year gain.