Laura Wasser 220

The two-year-old Divorce Sucks! podcast is getting a makeover as celebrity divorce attorney Laura Wasser relaunches her iHeartPodcast Network into a new show. The podcast is called All’s Fair – a riff of the old “all’s fair in love and war” proverb – and will be about more than just divorce. “It occurred to us that we were covering so much more ground, and there was so much more to cover, that we rebranded as All’s Fair,” she said in the show’s preview. In the new All’s Fair podcast Wasser will expand to leverage her experience as a family law expert and founder of an online divorce platform.

“I started the Divorce Sucks! podcast two years ago to answer people’s questions about divorce and work to destigmatize how listeners view divorce,” said Wasser. “This relaunch into All’s Fair with iHeartRadio provides an opportunity for me to utilize my experiences as well as my guests’ stories and address a wider range of topics.”

iHeart says the relaunch will give listeners more insight into a variety of topics including human relationships and how we relate to others, ourselves and so much more. “Since releasing the podcast, I’ve learned that conversations around divorce naturally transition into conversations about all kinds of human nature such as relationships, business, lifestyles, parenting and so much more,” said Wasser. The first episode of the podcast will be released February 11 and features guest Kim Kardashian West. In the premiere episode, Wasser and Kardashian discuss surrogacy, motherhood and Kim’s advocacy for criminal justice reform.

Having celebrities on her show isn’t new for Wasser. In the past she’s had guests including Kate Hudson, Anna Faris, Kris Jenner, and Chelsea Handler. The result was the show accumulated more than two million downloads since it debuted in 2018.