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The advertising sales firm Crossover Media Group is expanding the amount of podcast content it is taking to Madison Avenue as it strikes a deal to produce, distribute and sell podcast and video programming for the conservative news website Just The News. The project will be led by a twice-weekly podcast hosted by Just The News creator John Solomon. The journalist and commentator will publish the John Solomon Reports on Tuesdays and Thursdays. The company will also produce David Brody’s Pods Honest Truth, a twice-a-week podcast hosted by Chief Political Analyst for the Christian Broadcasting Network, and The Sharyl Attkisson Podcast, a weekly podcast hosted by the veteran investigative television correspondent.

Under the partnership, Crossover Media Group will handle advertising sales and distribution of the video and audio content and assist in production of programming for Just the News. “It will be a destination for discerning and open-minded news consumers to get fresh, thought-provoking news, and insights from well-known co-hosts and guests, unafraid to call things as they see them,” said Ron Hartenbaum, Crossover Media Group’s managing member.

For two decades, Solomon worked at the Associated Press, rising to assistant bureau chief in Washington. Then in 2007, he moved to The Washington Post, where he served as the paper’s national investigative correspondent. He was lured away the following year to become executive editor of The Washington Times. Solomon has also worked at The Daily Beast, Newsweek, The Hill and Fox News.

“Ron and I have worked on projects for many years and his command of the audio-video marketplace, his relationships and his visionary insights are priceless,” said Solomon in the announcement. “There’s an incredible opportunity to cut through the noise in Washington with exclusive reporting and analysis,” he added.

Since July 2018, Crossover Media Group has launched more than two dozen podcasts, radio programs and video-streaming shows featuring personalities from the worlds of politics and sports, among other categories. Among its political-talk ventures, Crossover Media Group is a partner in the new programming service Political Voices Network. Hartenbaum he believes the podcast that Just The News is creating will be the basis for a “truly multiplatform, scalable news network and investigative-journalism brand.”