kevin knocke220

Cumulus Media announces a new edition to its Westwood One Podcast Network, Esports 30 with Kevin Knocke, a new show covering Esports news and featuring interviews with industry personalities, celebrities, athletes, influencers and enthusiasts.

Host Kevin Knocke is a gaming industry veteran, professionally involved in Esports for nearly a decade as both an executive and personality, first as a commentator for tournaments and later as a popular event host. Initial episodes of “Esports 30” have featured Indiana “Froskurinn” Black, Caleb “WavePunk” Simmons, and Alberto “Crumbz” Rengifo. Other notables slated to appear in the future include Dr. Lupo.

In addition to breaking down the news and business side of Esports, the podcast will delve into cross-industry connections, such as the relationship between gaming and mental health, as well as the crossroads of Esports and fashion. New episodes will be available Tuesdays on major podcast platforms.

Knocke said in a release that the Esports industry “is now big enough that it can’t rely on the sunshine and rainbows perspective that it’s the ‘next big thing’ so we need to understand how to develop a sustainable infrastructure for the long term.” Of the guests he’s aiming for, he said, “I’ll be inviting on guests with a broad viewpoint of the industry as a whole as well as game-specific experts who are willing to take an honest look at their game and reflect on improvements needed.” 

Suzanne Grimes, Executive VP Marketing, Cumulus Media and President, Westwood One, said of Knocke, “Kevin has a clear vision, deep-rooted experience, and a genuine passion for Esports...He’s a relatable expert offering a unique blend of interviews and honest discourse on what’s happening behind the scenes.”