Kirk Minihane 220

Kirk Minihane, the former morning host at Entercom sports WEEI-FM Boston, has jumped to Barstool Sports where he will host a daily podcast. “I want to try to emulate my old [radio] show and keep it loose,” Minihane said during an appearance with Barstool Sports founder Dave Portnoy on his Barstool Radio show. Milihane’s live-to-tape podcast for the platform begins June 15. Minihane said he was still open about adding a co-host, telling his new boss, “We’ll bring in various people and see.”

Portnoy joked they may wind up wind up “hating each other” by the end of their newly-formed alliance. “I don’t think we’re going to speak that much in the future, and I like it,” Minihane responded. “We negotiated the deal—and I don’t think you have any idea what I’m going to do.”

In a conversation that was more job interview than talk radio, Portnoy told his new hire that’s part of the Bartstool Sports model. “I try to findtalented people who have trust that they’re talented and let them do what the hell ever they want. I don’t sit there and hold hands. Everybody here wants to have the most people listen to whatever they do. If you’re not self-motivated, this is not the place for you. If you want creative freedom, this is a great place for you,” Portnoy said, telling Minihane, “Whatever you want to do I’m confident you’ll come up with something good.” Initially Minihane’s show will not be simulcast on Barstool Sports’ SiriusXM satellite radio channel, but that may change based on comments during Portnoy’s show.

The contract deal was announced just days after he split with WEEI. Minihane, who was bumped from WEEI-FM’s revamped Mut and Callahan morning show lineup in November 2018, was dismissed from Entercom on May 23 after he gave the company an ultimatum. Entercom promised the controversial sports talk host a live streaming program on that never came to fruition. As a protest, Minihane discontinued his popular “Enough About Me” podcast until his demands to Entercom were met. The radio group decided instead to release Minihane from his contract.

Minihane also took to his favorite platform Periscope to break the news, oddly enough broadcasting from the Entercom studio where he recorded his former podcast. He said he “broke into” the studio to announce his next move, telling viewers Barstool Sports executives reached out to him immediately after he wrapped up with Entercom. Minihane then left the studio to take a final tour of the Entercom building, leaving questions about how ugly the parting of the two actually was. Minihane unleashed a tirade of insults directed toward the company and individuals upon being dismissed from his contract, while Entercom simply issued a statement saying they were going to allow him to pursue other opportunities.