Getting Schooled

Abby Hornacek is no stranger to on-demand. She hosts three separate series on Fox Nation, the on-demand subscription-based streaming service that’s a sister to Fox News Channel. Now she’ll join the on-demand world of audio as she hosts a new podcast. The show is called Getting Schooled and each week Hornacek will be joined by guests and experts in the field to uncover the origins behind popular buzz words and phrases.

“We’re talking about all the topics that you think you know but don’t actually know,” Hornacek said in a Twitter video about the new podcast. The first week’s show features Fox News Channel’s Politics Editor Chris Stirewalt in a timely episode that discusses the definition of “caucus” and why Iowa is the first in the nation to cast its vote. New episodes will be released each Monday.

In addition to the podcast, Hornacek will continue to host three Fox Nation series. On “Park’d” Hornacek takes viewers behind-the-scenes of the U.S. national parks, showcasing the nation’s most captivating landmarks while spotlighting various adventures along the way. In “Ride to Work” she conducts light-hearted interviews with various Fox personalities as she drives them to work. And as the host of “American Arenas” Hornacek embraces her passion for sports and travels to the country’s most beloved fields and sporting venues.