Podcaster Jessica Cordova Kramer and best-selling author Stephanie Wittels Wachs bonded after both women lost their brothers to opioid overdoses. Together, they decided to build the Lemonada Media podcast network into a portfolio of shows with an “unfiltered” conversation about the human experience. Their latest entry into that lineup is In Recovery, a limited-run series designed to provide support and guidance to those in need for either themselves or their loved ones dealing with the disease of addiction, including types beyond drugs and alcohol.

In Recovery is a follow-up to the award-nominated Last Day series, which has had nearly two million downloads and a nomination for Best Wellness & Fitness Podcast in this year’s iHeartRadio Podcast Awards. In that podcast, Kramer and Wachs tackled the opioid crisis, with a look at a victim’s last day of life, exploring how they became hooked on opioids and how society is reacting to the crisis. Physician, psychiatrist and addiction specialist Dr. Nzinga Harrison appeared on three of those episodes and will serve as host of In Recovery. Harrison co-founded and serves as Chief Medical Officer of Eleanor Health, an outpatient treatment center for those dealing with addition issues.

In the new podcast, Lemonada says each week she will address why addiction should be treated like other chronic medical illnesses and the many complex aspects surrounding treatment and recovery. The format of In Recovery will be similar to a call-in radio show, with questions for Harrison coming in the form of emails, voicemails, tweets and, on occasion, one-on-one check-ins. Topics include helping families who are dealing with opioid addiction in the age of COVID-19, kids who are struggling with addiction, the link between ADHD and addiction, the prevention of alcoholism, how sex addiction impacts those in committed relationships, and the hidden toxicity of work and exercise addictions, among others.

“I’m looking forward to answering listener questions every week on my new podcast, from a position of compassion and hope, medical evidence and learnings about what works and what doesn’t from nearly 20 years of medical practice,” said Harrison. “From opioid use during pregnancy to co-existing physical and mental health issues to work and masturbation addictions, we are going there and talking about it all.”

The six-week series published its first episode on May 18.

“This show is so needed,” said Wachs. “When we wrapped season one of Last Day, we were done telling our stories, but listener emails, voicemails and social media engagement related to all sorts of addictions continued to flood in. We couldn’t leave such a dedicated community without a trusted resource.