Deezer, the global music streaming service, is ramping up its podcast portfolio. It has struck an alliance with Libsyn allowing Deezer users to access over 62,000 active podcasts currently hosted by Libsyn. The partnership could help U.S. podcasters gain listeners in global markets where the Paris-based Deezer has a bigger footprint. Deezer says it has 14 million monthly active users in the more than 180 countries worldwide that it operates.

As part of the deal Libsyn has created a custom destination for Deezer that allows podcasters to control the timing and number of episodes they release to the Deezer audience, including the ability to provide exclusive content to Deezer. And by using Libsyn’s audience analytics platform, podcasters will be able to gauge the size and unique geographic location of audiences consuming their content in the new markets that Deezer reaches.

“We are very excited to work with Deezer and further grow the global audience for podcasts hosted with Libsyn,” said Rob Walch, Libsyn’s V.P. of Podcaster Relations. “The Deezer partnership will make it even easier for listeners to consume great podcasts directly on a streaming service they already use.”

Deezer already has more than 28,000 podcasts on its streaming service. That includes hundreds created in-house as part of its Deezer Originals series. With a global footprint, it also boasts of having the “largest and most diverse” global music streaming catalog with more than 56 million music tracks available to listeners.

In the announcement, Libsyn said its network currently reaches more than 111 million monthly unique listeners.