How do your downloads stack up? Libsyn has released some statistics for how shows hosted on its platform performed. The data is based on episodes released during November and includes downloads through the end of December. The typical show had a median of 130 downloads during its first weeks after publishing, up slightly from 126 in October. To put that into perspective Rob Walch, Libsyn’s VP of Podcaster Relations, told podcasters that means if their episodes are getting more than 130 downloads after 30 days, they are better than half the shows being published. And if they have more than 3,300 downloads, they are doing better than 90% of podcasts. Walsh also noted the adjusted mean average for new podcasts was 1,473 in November, down from 1,506 in October.

On the latest episode of the company’s The Feed podcast Walch said 7% of new episodes hosted by Libsyn had five thousand or more downloads. “For downloads, that is the magical number that some advertisers look for in downloads for campaigns, and that was identical to October’s and September’s numbers,” Walch noted. 

Walch said when the numbers have been “pretty steady,” podcasters should expect to see download numbers slip a bit in the first few months of 2020. “Typically, we see the median number drop a little bit as the beginning of the year kicks in with a lot of new shows,” he explained.