The podcast hosting and monetization company Libsyn has joined the ranks of podcasters that have secured certification from the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) for implementing the new version 2.0 measurement guidelines for reporting podcast downloads, impressions and listeners. The certification is a guarantee to advertisers that Libsyn is measuring podcast metrics related to content and ad delivery with a uniform, standardized approach defined by the IAB. The additional standards ensure ads are delivered in their entirety and specific thresholds are met when measuring content.

While Libsyn isn’t the first to become IAB certified, it is the biggest, so far, to go through the process. “As the first ever commercial podcast hosting company and the largest by both downloads and number of active shows, we believe we had a responsibility to the industry to be officially certified by the IAB Tech Lab,” said Libsyn President Laurie Sims. 

Getting the certification isn’t an easy process. It requires months of auditing by the IAB. Blubrry and NPR became the first podcast-hosting service providers to have their podcast stats certified by the IAB Tech Lab last December. They were followed by podcast hosting and monetization companies Art19 and Voxnest in May.

The IAB released the v2.0 guidelines in December 2017 after months of work by 32 podcast companies. The goal was to address a lack of uniformity in measurement systems and metrics by creating strict rules as the basis of certification, including downloads, listens, advertising delivery and play, along with an agreed-upon set of metrics and their meanings. The lack of uniformity in measurement systems and metrics has been seen as one of the hurdles to growing podcast advertising, especially among brand marketers. With Libsyn joining the ranks of podcasters using the new metrics and definitions, it believes it will make its podcasts more attractive to ad buyers.

“While we had updated our statistical analytics in late 2017 to best match up with these guidelines, we felt it was important to be officially certified as compliant with the IAB V2 guidelines,” said Rob Walch, VP of Podcaster Relations at Libsyn. “As we enter the 2020 yearly advertising buying season, this official certification will give advertisers the reassurance and confidence in our numbers that they need to place orders with Libsyn hosted podcasts.”

Several other companies are still undergoing IAB audits and are expected to be added to the list of compliant companies in the coming months.