Stuck at Home220

Starburns Audio is mixing social media live streaming and podcasting with its latest show launch that was born out of the coronavirus lockdowns. Stuck at Home is a new podcast from Starburns Audio that features screenwriter, film director, and actor Cliff Dorfman and Starburns CEO Jason Smith as hosts. The show is an interview program that streams live on YouTube, Facebook Live and Twitter each weekday at 6:30pm ET and then posts the following morning as a podcast. 

“We started developing Stuck at Home while we were figuring out how to do everything by remote and with the podcast market increasingly widening out to social-video platforms,” Smith said. “Cliff Dorfman is a writer and director who’s so quick and so nimble on live video that it became exactly the right show for this moment.”

Dorfman, who was scheduled to direct a film in June before COVID-19 shut down the entertainment industry, has approached Stuck at Home as an opportunity to talk to writers, directors, producers, comedians and podcasters about their work. First-week Stuck at Home guests included comedian Nick Guerra, writer Karley Sciortino and comedian Patricia Williams.

“I love sitting down and talking to creative people,” Dorfman said. “Almost everybody is at home right now because of COVID-19, so it’s a good time to catch up with people. We’re talking about art and commerce. We’re talking about film and TV. We’re talking about what these creators think about their work and the world right now.”

Smith has previously served as an executive producer of numerous podcasts, including Mueller She Wrote, Harmontown and Never Seen It. He has produced audio projects for Comedy Central, Spotify and Audible.

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