There are a growing number of podcasts focused on the coronavirus outbreak, and newly-released data from Acast suggests there’s an audience for those shows. The global podcaster says it has seen a “significant increase” in the number of podcasts covering the epidemic, with more than 650 episodes on its network tackling the topic since January 22. Among the episodes with “corona” or “covid” in the episode title, Acast says its number-crunching shows 16 million downloads to date.

“The rise of topic-focused podcasts supports a wider trend that Acast is seeing – more people than ever are looking to podcasts for their source of news and information for current affairs,” an Acast rep said in an email. Podcasts that have released coronavirus-focused episodes include Naked Scientists and The Guardian’s Today In Focus. And the BBC has just launched a weekly podcast, The Coronavirus Podcast, dedicated to the outbreak.