Luminary 220

Luminary, the deep-pocketed podcast platform with a business model built on subscription revenue – not advertising dollars – has announced a slate of new podcasts that will launch next week. The shows range from news, politics, and long-form journalism to comedy, music, true crime, sports, pop culture, and scripted fiction. The new shows include:

  • Frontier Tween is a coming-of-age scripted comedy series from Team Coco, an all-female writing staff and features the acting skills of late-night TV talk host Conan O’Brien. Written by the team who created The Onion’s A Very Fatal Murder, all 10 episodes of Frontier Tween will be released on Sept. 24.

  • Metaphysical Milkshake is a new podcast from SoulPancake with Rainn Wilson, best known for his role as Dwight Schrute on the NBC sitcom “The Office” and Reza Aslan, a writer, commentator, professor and scholar of religions. The show will debut Sept. 25. 

  • Vocal Point is a new podcast hosted by country icon and lifestyle influencer Martina McBride. She’ll turn the tables to interview country music legends and her musical contemporaries, including Garth Brooks, Dustin Lynch, Sara Evans, Runaway June, and Pam Tillis. Vocal Point is produced by Believe Entertainment Group and will be a weekly series premiering Sept. 27.

  • Sonic Boom is a new podcast from the sports and lifestyle brand The Ringer. The audio documentary chronicles the history of the NBA’s Seattle Supersonics, up until they left for Oklahoma prior to the 2008 season. The limited-run series is hosted by The Ringer's Jordan Ritter Conn and will debut Oct. 3. Sonic Boom joins two other Luminary exclusives from The Ringer, including Rewatchables 1999 and Break Stuff: The Story of Woodstock

  • Smartr is a satirical scripted comedy series from Team Coco. Noa Lukas profiles the monopolies of tomorrow and helps them nail down that billion-dollar valuation, addict a global userbase, or move past their recent human rights-related “messaging difficulties.” The show debuts Oct. 29.

  • Food Actually is a new podcast from Malcom Gladwell’s Pushkin Industries. Hosted by author Tamar Adler, the podcast goes deep into food and culture, exposing the truths about food in our society. Food Actually is expected to premiere in early November 2019.

  • The C-Word isn’t new but Luminary says the show hosted by Lena Dunham and Alissa Bennett is returning for a second season in early November. The C-Word offers a weekly deep-dive into the life and media coverage of a woman deemed “crazy” by society and unpacks the lives of messy, fascinating women with empathy and humor. 

“We are thrilled to welcome these talented creators to the Luminary network,” said Matt Sacks, Luminary co-founder and CEO. “At Luminary, we are committed to bringing the highest quality shows to listeners, and we will continue adding top quality content from new creators to our offering,” he added in a statement.

Since launching last April Luminary hasn’t announced any user or subscriber numbers. While billed as a subscription service, the app also allows users to access scores of ad-supported podcasts.