The hit podcast Lore won’t get a third season as a television show. Amazon announced over the weekend that after two seasons the TV show based on the podcast would come to an end. “Yes, that’s sad,” creator and host Aaron Mahnke wrote on Twitter. “But we were blessed with two seasons of great stories. I’m grateful for my first foray into the world of making television. But trust me it won’t be my last.”

What led to the demise of the television adaption isn’t entirely clear. Mahnke suggests on Twitter that issues including production schedules, budgets and the vision for the show were contributing factors. “Many folks will be tempted to give me their armchair expert opinion about why the show was canceled, but I politely request those people to keep it to themselves. Maybe just pour one out for the talented, hard-working people who made it, and leave it at that,” he wrote.

Lore debuted in March 2017 as a podcast that featured true-life horror stories, including shows about the paranormal and the origins of folk stories of vampires and zombies. It has produced 119 episodes to date. The television adaption began two years ago with the producers of “The Walking Dead” and “Amazon Studios” at the helm. The first season of the Lore television series premiered in October 2017 with the second season released last October.

“The podcast keeps trucking on without a hiccup, because a podcast can’t be canceled by someone who doesn’t own or control it,” said Mahnke. “It’s just the TV show that’s going away.” But as the first podcast adapted for the TV screen, Lore also demonstrates that a successful podcast isn’t a guaranteed hit on the small screen.