Considering the world around us, who doesn’t need a chill-out tool today? The meditation app Headspace is offering another one as it makes the leap into podcasting in a partnership with Cadence13. The companies will produce Radio Headspace, a daily meditation app hosted by Headspace co-founder and former Buddhist monk Andy Puddicombe. The three to five-minute podcast will publish each weekday morning and is designed to help listeners incorporate more moments of “mindfulness” into their day.

“There’s never been a better time to bring the Headspace experience into podcasting,” Chris Corcoran, Chief Content Officer at Cadence13, said in the announcement. “As our daily routines are changing, and the world we live in has brought on an unprecedented uncertainty, Headspace continues to offer a more mindful experience.”

Radio Headspace marks the first podcast from Headspace Studios, the company’s new multi-platform studio creating and distributing what it says will be “mindful living” content. The in-house studio combines Headspace’s expertise in meditation and mindfulness with new storytelling outlets, like podcasting. Cadence13 and Headspace Studios are collaborating to create a slate of new and original podcasts.

“By expanding beyond our owned-and-operated platforms, and by moving into podcasting with a partner like Cadence13, we believe this is another inspiring and powerful way to help people apply mindfulness to their lives,” said Morgan Selzer, Head of Programming and Development at Headspace Studios. “And as we look to share more mindful living content with more people around the world in television, film and digital channels, our hope is to continue meeting people wherever they are in their mindfulness journey.”

Radio Headspace will debut on May 11.

The COVID-19 pandemic has spurred the launch of other meditation apps. Last month the iHeartPodcast Network launched Stay Calm with Bob Roth, a daily, seven-minute podcast published each morning. For nearly 50 years Roth has taught transcendental meditation, a simple and silent meditation technique, and coached celebrities like Oprah Winfrey and Lady Gaga. And some podcasters have said they have seen an uptick in consumption of podcasts related to wellness and meditation in recent weeks. Spotify has also created a “Daily Wellness” podcast playlist that includes several meditation-focused shows.