After 26 years on broadcast radio, syndicated talk show host Michael Savage is preparing to start his life as a podcast host. His radio show will come to an end on Thursday (Dec. 31) with The Savage Nation Podcast his new home beginning with a special podcast on Friday, Jan. 1, 2021. The veteran host had already been scaling back his time on radio. His airtime was reduced from three hours a day to just the 3-4pm hour Eastern in 2018, as Westwood One handed the 4-6pm slot to Ben Shapiro.

Savage told listeners to expect even more “edge” as he frees himself from the constraints of “corporate broadcasting.” The new podcast will still include political topics, but he will broaden out the focus to also include conversation of other topics – such as history, science, nutrition, cooking, movies & TV, literature, philosophy, cars, animals, spirituality, and whatever else captures his interest. Savage plans to feature listener calls. 

In a Twitter message alerting fans of the move, Savage said he does not plan to charge a subscription for The Savage Nation Podcast. Savage launched the on-demand version of his broadcast radio show in 2019 and he said he has hundreds of thousands of downloads per episode.

In addition to the podcast, Savage said he will also put more focus on his email newsletter.

Savage has enjoyed a run of more than 25 years on the radio. His radio career began on San Francisco’s KGO in 1994. By the fall of 2000, “The Savage Nation” was nationally syndicated by Talk Radio Network. That relationship concluded acrimoniously in September of 2012. Later that year, Savage’s show was put into syndication by Cumulus Media Networks, which the following year merged with Westwood One. At its peak the radio show was syndicated on over 300 stations across the U.S., and had more than ten million listeners a week.