It has only been available for three weeks, but the appeal of Michelle Obama is quickly proving itself among some podcast listeners. Spotify has released the list of the most listened-to podcasts on its app this summer and The Michelle Obama Podcast came in first among users around the world. The former first lady beat out true-crime shows like Crime Junkie and My Favorite Murder, as well as several daily news podcasts. Other top shows include Harry Potter At Home: Readings, as read by familiar voices like actors Daniel Radcliffe and Helena Bonham Carter. Top podcasts of the summer globally are based on number of listens on the Spotify app from June 1 through August 15, 2020.

The Spotify Top Summer Podcasts:

  1. The Michelle Obama Podcast

  2. NPR News Now

  3. The Daily

  4. Call Her Daddy

  5. TED Talks Daily

  6. Harry Potter At Home: Readings

  7. Crime Junkie

  8. Gemischtes Hack

  9. Snacks Minute 

  10. Mama Knows Best

One show not included on the list is The Joe Rogan Experience. It is scheduled to make its debut on Spotify next week, kicking off a transition period that will see the comedian’s popular podcast become exclusive to the app under a licensing agreement that will reportedly pay Rogan $100 million.