The United States still dominates global podcast listening. That’s according to the latest statistics released by Libsyn. It reports that 63.7% of all downloads of shows on Libsyn servers during June went to U.S. consumers. That was down one-tenth of a point compared to May. Canada ranked second with 5.2% of Libsyn downloads, on par with May’s numbers. The U.K. download numbers ticked up two-tenths of a percent and that put it into a second place tie with Canada. Next were Australia (3.7%), Sweden (2.8%), Germany (2.2%), France (1.9%), Brazil (1.1%) and Japan (1.1%). 

“Overall, the country changes weren’t drastic,” said Libsyn VP of Podcaster Relations Rob Walsh on the monthly The Feed podcast he co-hosts with Elsie Escobar. “The country breakdowns are what we would expect—the majority globally is the U.S.,” said Walsh. He also announced that based on their data, 47.9% of Spotify’s June podcast downloads were in the U.S. with the U.K. a distant second making up 7% of the company’s podcast consumption.

In terms of the platform that consumers are accessing shows, Walsh said mobile downloads were “up a smidge” in June with 84.1% of podcasts being downloaded directly to a mobile device. That’s up from 83.7% a month earlier. Computer downloads totaled 15.7% and smart speaker and set-top boxes downloads represented just a small amount of downloads totaling 0.2% during June.

Among the other statistics shared by Libsyn in the podcast: the ratio of iOS downloads to Android downloads came in at 4.3-to-1.0. That figure shouldn’t be all that surprising. Among the aggregator apps it tracks, Walsh said Apple Podcasts accounted for 60.1% of all downloads of shows on Libsyn servers. He said Spotify ranked second (11%) followed by Overcast (2.9%), CastBox (2.3%) and Stitcher (1.9%), Podcast Addict (1.6%), Google Podcasts (1.4%), and Pocket Casts (1.2%).

“One of the reasons we do stats is because of those out there that are stretching the truth about their numbers like it is an indestructible Stretch Armstrong,” said Walsh.