Mobile downloads had a bigger than expected drop during July based on a snapshot provided by Libsyn. The podcast hosting company says among the 75,000 shows it hosts, 85.4% of all downloads last month went directly to a mobile device. That is down from 87.6% reported for June and 87.8% in May, and a bigger than normal monthly swing. At the same time desktop listening jumped to 14.3% during July, up from 12.1% in June.

VP Rob Walsh said that may have something to do with more people staying at home during summer vacation season, but a large part of it is probably also the glitches with Apple Podcasts that have been throwing off numbers across the industry.

“Overall, July’s numbers were skewed because of Apple’s issues with iOS 14.6 causing Apple Podcast numbers to drop and to throw off percentages,” said VP Rob Walsh on the company’s The Feed podcast. Apple iOS 14.6 prevented automatic downloads for new episodes from completely downloading in the background. The result was it lowered download numbers by third-party hosting companies like Libsyn. Apple has since pushed out an update, but Walsh said he expects to see the impact continue to show in the August and September numbers.

Among Libsyn-hosted shows, Walch said iOS had 3.9 downloads for each one on an Android device. Walsh said Apple accounted for 56.5% of Libsyn downloads, down from 58.1% a month earlier. Spotify ranked second, with 15%.

Overall, 62.6% of downloads to Libsyn-hosted shows were in the U.S. during July, up from 61.3% from June. The U.K. was second with a 5.3% share, followed by Canada (5.1%), Australia (3.7%), Germany (2.4%), Sweden (1.4%), Mexico (1.3%), Japan (1.%) and Spain (1.0%).