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Shows like The Mom Hour to Why Mommy Drinks demonstrate there are plenty of podcasts geared toward mothers, but most moms of course listen to content that has more to do with their life role.  Edison Research has released data showing a majority of moms have listened to a podcast.

“We’ve seen a slow but steady rise, particularly with monthly and weekly listening,” said VP Melissa DeCesare. “Nearly four in ten moms have listened to a podcast in the last month and about a quarter of moms report listening to one in the last week. Overall, 57% of moms have ever listened to a podcast.”


It’s not just podcasts that moms are turning to. Edison says overall weekly online audio listening continues to be a medium that women turn to. The data shows moms are spending an average of 14 hours and 49 minutes per week listening to online audio sources, an increase of 3 hours and 14 minutes compared with a year ago. “Those moms who are listening weekly are absolutely committed,” said DeCesare. Yet the numbers show a plateau for the past three years, suggesting only so many mothers have the time to consume to online audio.

Broadcast radio remains the most-used audio medium by moms. Edison reports 78% of moms reported listening to AM/FM radio in the past week. “For all the new technology and mediums that they adopt, moms still show us that they hold on to some of those traditional forms as well,” DeCesare said during a webinar Thursday. The report shows nearly half of moms listen to audiobooks, typically listening to seven audio books per year.



The annual “Moms and Media 2020” study was just released by The Research Moms team at Edison Research. The data is taken from the annual Infinite Daily study. But because that was completed prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, Edison conducted a supplemental online survey in April among 326 women to gauge their media habits since stay-at-home orders have changed many aspects of everyday life. It found that a quarter of moms said it is now more difficult finding time to listen to podcasts and other forms of online audio than in the past.

“Circumstances are different, and routines are completely altered,” said DeCesare. “Many who are sheltering at home are working at home, so there is no commuting; moms are missing that big opportunity to listen. They are out of the house far less, if at all. So those other in-car opportunities are lost now.”

But audio still has a place in the lives of most mothers. When asked why they listen to audio, whether it’s AM/FM radio, podcasts or streaming services, three-quarters of moms said it was to relax, while the rest said it was to stay informed about the coronavirus. “This tells us whether it’s music on AM/FM radio or music from online sources or even a podcast, audio in general is providing some relief and a bit of relaxation from the tension that comes with these uncertain times,” said DeCesare. In fact, the data shows more mothers said they got relaxation from audio than from television, social media or the internet. While it is unknown how long this new normal will last, nearly four in ten moms think their current media habits will remain even after the pandemic is over.



The annual report on mothers also found that most moms are tech savvy, with 89% relying on smartphones. It also shows a third own a smart speaker, most with two or more. And two-thirds use some form of voice-operated personal assistant.

Download the full Moms and Media 2020 study HERE.