The iHeartPodcast Network and Tenderfoot TV partnership has already produced hit podcasts like Atlanta Monster and its second season Monster: The Zodiac Killer. Now the two companies are again teaming up to produce the latest iteration of the series with the release of Monster Presents: Insomniac.

Unlike previous series that looked at specific crimes, the latest podcast is taking a broader and yet more personal approach. Host Scott Benjamin says as he developed the series it made him want to find out more about serial killers and the research he did took a toll on him, following him home at night and into his bed where the work turned him into an insomniac. Over-the-counter prescription sleeping aids, relaxation techniques and professional counseling failed to work for Benjamin, who says when he does sleep he has horrifying nightmares. The producers say the work turned their host from an objective researcher into the tormented subject of the podcast.

In the 10-episode series, Benjamin will share with listeners some real-life horror stories featuring some of the most depraved criminals in history like Herb Baumeister (The I-70 Strangler), Arthur Shawcross (The Rochester Strangler), Dean Corll (The Candy Man) and Robert Berdella (The Kansas City Butcher). In each case Benjamin will share with listeners how their stories and his research into the killers impacted him.

“I started this podcast with the idea to just tell stories of lesser known serial killers – the ones that very few have ever heard of. But along the way, I experienced some significant losses in my family, and that, combined with completely immersing myself into the lives of these killers, day-after-day, has changed something inside of me,” Benjamin told Deadline. “The podcast became more of a personal narrative, one that explores the ways in which those of us studying these horrifying minds work to try and return to some kind of normality.”

Monster Presents: Insomniac will release its first episode June 27.

Tenderfoot TV has been investing more of its resources into podcasting in recent months. The Atlanta-based company announced in January a deal with Cadence13 to produce a slate of podcast series this year. The first, To Live and Die in L.A, has had more than 15 million downloads. Tenderfoot TV co-founder and president Donald Albright told Deadline they’re exploring a number of options for how to adapt some of those podcast series to television.