Podcast Advertising

There’s more evidence that podcast advertising works. This time it comes from a study conducted by Art19 and Veritonic. The two companies teamed up to track the impact of a brand campaign for an undisclosed client that targets small and mid-sized companies with its tools for running and optimizing their business. The data shows the ad resulted in increases in brand metrics by as much as 65% for the advertiser, including relevancy, intent and likelihood to purchase. Business decision makers also showed a 20% increase in brand recall, compared to general population listeners overall.

“When these ads were heard by the general population, their performance was decidedly average compared to our benchmarks,” said Veritonic CEO Scott Simonelli. “But when Art19 targeted business decision makers, those same ads significantly over-performed across the board.”

Veritonic also analyzed the benefits of what Art19 calls “hyper-targeting,” where targeting goes from broad targets such as “business decision makers” to specific targets like “business decision makers in the wholesale industry.” In each case, industry-focused ads resonated best with hyper-targeted listeners, showing even better scores in such metrics as relevancy and intent and likelihood to purchase.

In data made public, the two companies said the spots that targeted manufacturing decision makers showed a 17% increase in recall versus all business decision makers. And ads which targeted wholesale business decision makers showed a 25% increase in recall compared with all business decision makers. In each case the results were not just an improvement over general population listener scores, but also over generic business decision makers. 

Lex Friedman, Art 19’s Chief Revenue Officer, said they already knew that audio ads are an “incredibly effective tool” for advertisers and the analysis shows just how much more effective those ads can be when they’re more finely targeted using capabilities. “We've long felt that bringing the smarts of digital media targeting to podcasting would lead to more effective audio ads,” he said. “Veritonic's data provides statistical confidence that podcast ad targeting yields significantly better results.”