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As efforts to allow podcasters to begin integrating music into their shows gain traction, the options for rights holders to track where their music appears are also advancing. Music monitoring service Pex says it has begun to track all podcasts in the Apple Podcast database. That means podcasters already using music with the hope of flying below the copyright radar will face a more difficult time hiding. 

Pex’s fingerprinting technology tracks audio clips used in podcasts, with only a half-second of material needed to identify content. This will allow rights holders to see whether their music appeared in a podcast and whether that use was adequately licensed. 

Pex already finds and flags audio and video assets on several dozen social apps and video platforms, from TikTok to YouTube. It says with podcast audiences growing, the medium is now a vital piece of music rights holders’ asset management puzzle.

“As audio formats gain popularity thanks to new devices and offerings, Pex wants rights holders to be able to monitor these formats and make good decisions for their business,” COO Amadea Choplin said in a statement. “Podcasts are increasingly professionalized, monetized, and ad-driven, and music rights holders should be part of the conversation when their assets are being used,” she added.

Pex says its fingerprinting can detect if a client’s audio files were used, even if the material has been distorted or very short. Its clients include the major music companies and video rights holders.

As the profile of podcasting grows, so do efforts to track what’s being played and said on shows. The monitoring service TVEyes announced last month that it will start analyzing thousands of podcasts to help its clients keep tabs on what’s being said about them. TVEyes is using software known as an application program interface, or API, to monitor podcast content. And to help clients keep tabs, it created a searchable spoken word index for more than 13,000 of the most popular podcasts and is adding more than 3,000 episodes per day. Podcasts are being indexed in English, Spanish, French, Italian, German and Greek.