NBC News

NBC News last week announced it’s working on a slate of news and politics podcasts that Wondery is set to rollout next year. But the network isn’t waiting until then to launch a new impeachment-focused show. MSNBC national political correspondent Steve Kornacki will host a new podcast called Article II: Inside Impeachment.

“It's a podcast about the politics of impeachment. And I'll bring you conversations with the reporters and correspondents who are closest to the story,” said Kornacki in the show’s teaser. “Together we'll break down how the process works, where it's headed next, and what's at stake as the country heads toward the next election.”

NBC says Article II will be published three times a week: Monday, Wednesday and Friday—and whenever a big development breaks.

Meanwhile, Variety reports fellow MSNBC host Chris Matthews will also host a new limited-run podcast focused on politics. The show will focus on the tough and pivotal moments in previous presidential campaigns. NBC is also reportedly developing a show called Into America that will focus on the current presidential campaign. It will debut this winter.  

Elisabeth Sami, SVP of Business Development and Strategy at NBC News Group, called the podcasts a “complement” to the brand, telling Variety the podcasts connect it with an often younger and out-of-home audience.