NeuroMedia 220

Different definitions, different methodologies. It is a hurdle that ad buyers continue to face. But the Belgian media company NeuroMedia Software says it has a solution for the inconsistency between the numbers for streaming and podcasting. It says its software will audit the methodologies, correct any biases, and offer third-party certification for the tools being used by broadcasters. 

“The NeuroMedia Software certification is valid for digital content: podcasts, and also on-demand audio, live audio, video on-demand and live video,” says NeuroMedia Software co-founder Dany Donnen. 

The company says its software adapts to the customer’s measurement method, whether based on international guidelines or not. Co-founder Donnen says that means broadcasters will continue to be able to use their own measurement tools.

Founded in 2014, Neuromedia specializes in the analysis of data in the media sector. Its software is already working with broadcasters in Europe. In Demark it has accredited the DK Podcast Index ranking that was set up by broadcasters there. And in Belgium, it is working with the Media Information Centre to measure streaming radio.