While podcast apps are racing to add Spanish-language content a new listening app called Revolución Network doesn’t need to make the switch. It only includes podcasts in Spanish. In a video announcing its launch, the Miami-based company tells potential listeners they offer an easier way to find shows from talent and organizations they can trust. And in a hint of what’s to come, the company says it also offers the “possibility of video” on the app.

While based in the U.S., Revolución Network is largely targeting Latin America with a lineup of talent that includes Columbian actress Isabella Santodomingo, singer Cynthia Zak, Columbian comedian Julio "El Nené” Rodriguez, Chilean radio personality Andrés Nieto Molina, and veteran Miami radio host Humberto "El Gato" Rodríguez.

Revolución Network describes itself as a “community of professionals that, vibrating in the same frequency with the whole experience, has created a space for an audience that seeks deeper, interesting, enriching and more varied content.”

The opportunity to grow a listener base in Latin and South America is ripe. As Podcast News Daily reported in April, the four countries with the fastest-growing podcast listening rates are all Spanish-speaking. After Chile on the Voxnest ranker, there’s Argentina (+55%), Peru (+49%), and Mexico (+48%). Voxnest says Spanish-language podcast listening increased 13% in 2018 and it forecasts a boom for 2019.