Veterans of MTV, SiriusXM and CBS Radio are behind the launch of Spkr, a new audio platform that’s focused on short-form content. The app features podcasts and other audio content similar to other offerings. But where Spkr says it is different is in how it uses audio to help users discover new content.

The typical streaming audio app doesn’t make any noise when it is launched. But Spkr starts with sound. It says the goal is so that users can discover new content while listening. The content on Spkr is organized into different channels, such as News & Politics, Self-Improvement, True Crime, Pop Culture, and a lot more. Spkr features include My Spkr, a personalized audio feed built from the content listeners choose, and Spkr Live, an always-on “living playlist” that updates continuously on the app.

“The goal of Spkr is to connect listeners to the best podcasts and other on-demand audio by solving issues around search, time, and convenience: a challenge much talked about but not yet solved,” said Michael Jenson, co-founder and COO of Spkr. “Hearing a little bit of something without having to search for it is the gateway to discovery, and it mirrors everyday listening behavior.”

Spkr’s other co-founders include Andy Schuon, a former President of Programming at CBS Radio and MTV, and Sandy Girard, a former SiriusXM VP of Programming of Talk & Entertainment. Among its financial backers is venture capitalist Kevin Wall, who previously was an early investor in Facebook and Akamai. He’ll also serve as chairman of Spkr.

“What radio and playlists have done for music, we are doing for podcasts,” said Schuon, who is CEO of the company. “Our approach will benefit creators and accelerate adoption of podcasts globally.”

The app is currently only available on iOS with an Android version in the works.