Fresh on the heels of announcing a slate of podcasts with Acast, Investigation Discovery is also lending its brand heft to a new true crime podcast from Audioboom and Main Event Media. While a lot of series in the genre focus on long ago unsolved crimes, the Crime Weekly series will take advantage of its release scheduled to focus on current events while also touching on some iconic and unexplored past cases.

Crime Weekly is hosted by retired police detective and private investigator featured on Investigation Discovery Derrick Levasseur, and true crime YouTube creator Stephanie Harlowe.

“True crime exploration and discovery is more than just a hobby for me - it is my everyday passion and profession,” said Levasseur in the announcement. “Partnering with Stephanie to explore cases from a fresh perspective each week has been both illuminating and sobering, and we can’t wait for listeners to join us on our search for more information.”

When it does move past current events, the producers say Crime Weekly will take a deeper look into past cases that have captured the intrigue of the nation – including the tragic Snapchat Murders, the missing person case of Jennifer Dulos, and the Watts family murders – as well as more obscure cases that are sure to fascinate.

“After years of researching past cases on my YouTube channel, it has become abundantly clear that too often we focus on the perpetrator of crimes, and not enough on the victims,” said Harlowe. “Through our podcast, Derrick and I hope to bring their stories to the forefront and raise awareness for cases long gone cold or explore different aspects of well-known cases along the way.”

Main Event Media, the Los Angeles production company founded by producer Jimmy Fox, already works with Investigation Discovery on the “Breaking Homicide” television show. “The addition of Crime Weekly to our growing roster of podcasts is extremely exciting for all of us true crime buffs,” said Fox in a statement. “Our ambition is to create an interactive series that will serve as a call to action for our listeners."

The first season of the podcast will feature 24-episodes with a new episode available every Friday.

Investigation Discovery last month announced it would release a slate of podcasts this winter in partnership with Acast. ID said each of its podcasts will embody a unique format, ranging from traditional narrative true crime series to topical talk show content to companion podcasts designed to complement traditional television programming. Acast will handle the distribution of ID’s podcasts and it will also manage sponsorship and advertising on the shows.