What ever happened to? For people who find themselves uttering that phrase, a new podcast from the iHeartPodcast Network could be a good fit. Described by iHeart as “eerie yet fascinating,” the show explores all things ephemeral, or anything our world has lost, dropped or forgotten.

In the podcast appropriately titled Ephemeral, host Alex Williams has conversations with anthropologists and researchers and explores the forgotten albums, audio clips, photographs and objects of the past. That includes such things as a lost speech from Sigmund Freud, the disappearing films from early Hollywood actress Florence Lawrence, or the newscasts from reporters in the moments after Malcolm X was shot.

“Is this podcast a piece of Ephemeral in the making? A forgotten story about forgotten stories? Only time will tell,” Williams offers in a meta moment in the show’s trailer that is also a short feature about lost messages left on answering machines.

New episodes of Ephemeral will be published Mondays.