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Independent audio producers Julien Clancy, Liam Geraghty and Colette Kinsella have founded “The Warren,” a new network launching with six Ireland-specific podcasts. The name “warren” refers to a rabbit’s home of burrows and tunnels, while the logo reflects this with an image of a rabbit hidden underground. “In this case,” Geraghty says, “It also leads to different podcasts.”

The trio felt there was a gap in Ireland for a network of quality, independently produced podcasts, so they are building their own network: “We’ve gathered a gaggle of the best podcasters in the country to build a community who share a passion for storytelling and high-quality production,” he notes. “It can be lonely being an indie producer, and the Warren is a special community we’ll now share, so it’ll be a little less lonely.”

Geraghty’s initial podcast production, “The Comic Cast,” was the first to be archived by The National Library of Ireland. He also produced and hosted the History Channel's official “Vikings” podcast for the TV program of the same name.

Kinsella adds, “We all love stories–telling them and listening to them. We’re really excited about bringing together some of the most innovative and thought-provoking storytellers in Ireland. Great stories, well told, beautifully produced.”

The six initial podcasts cover a range of categories, from horror and storytelling for adults to science facts and discussions about animals and nature that cater to children. First in line, “Petrified” is a horror anthology podcast about “people who heard something they really shouldn't have,” utilizing multiple layers of specific sound effects like doors opening and wind whooshing to produce classic tales of the macabre. It was created by Peter Dunne, a veteran of theater and radio, who calls himself a “writer, creator, oddball.” It is produced by Geraghty and Dunne.

Science Drops” covers specific scientific topics in 90 seconds or less, like “why do knuckles crack?” or “why do we have earwax?” The show uses bouncy, upbeat music and sound effects with friendly narration to produce a show similar in tone to the classic “Nick Jr.” style, the company explains. And Meet Your Maker” is “a culture show about the people who make the things we love,” produced by Geraghty. First launched independently in May 2017, it features long-form discussions with creators; recent topics include “Garfield” and “The Muppet Show.”

How to Be Sound” tackles problems people face in everyday life, like dating, fitness and being a mom; it is hosted by Rosemary MacCabe and produced by Geraghty, featuring such guests as actress Rose McGowan and comedian Julie Jay. MacCabe also has a Patreon with 1,000 followers where she writes about topics like money and depression, and dispels advice.The Dublin Story Slam” is a storytelling show produced by Clancy that began as one of “The Moth” story slams in 2014, with the belief that “storytelling has the power to heal through laughter and sadness.” Finally, The Critter Shed” tells stories about creepy-crawly things that hide in sheds, like snakes and parasites. Hosted by Collie Ennis, a science research associate with Trinity College, and Kinsella, it is produced by her company, “Red Hare Media.” Kinsella’s work has also her been featured on “99% Invisible,” NPR and other international radio programs.