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After five months there’s a new brand at the top of the heap. BettherHelp, the online portal that provides direct-to-consumer access to behavioral health services, ran more podcast commercials in June than any other advertiser. That’s according to Magellan’s monthly analysis of the top 400 podcasts. ZipRecruiter, which had been in the No. 1 spot since January, remained a big podcast user, however. It placed second on the monthly ranker.

Magellan reports more than 6,000 brands advertised on podcasts last month. That included 1,536 which its systems identified as having run a spot on one of the top 2,000 shows.

Among the standouts in June was Rothy’s. The sustainable shoe company climbed into the top 15 for the first time. “We picked up twice the amount of ads in June compared to May,” Magellan says in a post. “We picked up Rothy’s on 13 new podcasts including 60 Minutes, Couple of Issues, and Creating Confidence with Heather Monahan.” On several of the live-read ads Magellan says the hosts spoke about their own personal experiences with Rothy’s shoes and how the company’s footwear is made from recycled plastic water bottles. Elsewhere Magellan notes Indeed and Wix returned to the top 15 list after not making the cut in May.

The Top 15 for June 2019:

  1. BetterHelp

  2. ZipRecruiter

  3. Geico

  4. Indeed

  5. Third Love

  6. Capital One

  7. SimpliSafe

  8. Squarespace

  9. Quip

  10. Progressive

  11. Harry’s Razors

  12. Rothy’s

  13. Hello Fresh

  14. Audible

  15. Wix


Magellan’s monthly reports are based on weekly samples of shows it pulls from podcast episodes among the 2,000 shows that rank in the Top Podcasts view available through Apple Podcasts in the U.S. The sample includes up to two episodes from shows that published new episodes in June 2019 and counts individual pre- and mid-roll ads. Podcasts advertising on only one show were excluded from the sample.