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America’s second-biggest mass murder of 2016 was in small Piketon, OH. The case is full of unanswered questions that a new iHeartPodcast Network show explores. Also this week, former Navy SEAL Cade Courtley tests the survival skills of famous people and listeners on his Calvary Media show. CBS News correspondent Major Garrett launches a political podcast while comedian Tig Notaro launches an advice show. And APM’s Marketplace creates a kid-focused show.

Here’s some of what’s new in podcasting this week –

… The Piketon Massacre is a new iHeartPodcast Network show that delves into the mystery behind Ohio’s largest massacre, which shook the close-knit, religious community of Piketon in 2016 after eight members of the Rhoden family were found dead in their home. Two years later, the neighboring and well-respected Wagner family was arrested and charged with the heinous crime. Veteran true crime producers Stephanie Lydecker and Courtney Armstrong host The Piketon Massacre. They will examine the evidence and speak with townspeople, psychologists and investigators to uncover the truth of what happened—and the secret ties that connected both families

… Can You Survive This Podcast is a new Calvary Media podcast hosted by Cade Courtley, former Navy SEAL, sniper, and CIA security contractor, who is also a best-selling author and former host for SpikeTV and Discovery. As one of the world’s preeminent and best-known American survivalists, the podcast will talk about surviving such things as earthquakes and home invasions to tsunamis and global pandemics. Each episode puts the listener in the center of the action alongside a celebrities. Among the guests lined up for the first season include Adam Carolla and Neil deGrasse Tyson. The series will also welcome guests who have survived horrific events or overcome harrowing situations, unpacking their experiences and providing lessons through their strength. These guests include Rob O’Neill, the special warfare operator responsible for killing Osama bin Laden, and Richard Phillips, the famed merchant mariner who inspired the film “Captain Phillips.”

… We’re Having a Moment is a new limited series that examines our nation’s current and ongoing conversations around race and policing. The iHeartPodcast Network show is hosted by social commentator Baratunde Thurston who will discuss issues such as what it meant when NASCAR banned the Confederate flag, how major cities are contemplating defunding the police and why Adidas retweeted Nike in support of Black lives. 

The DeBrief is a new podcast from CBS News hosted by Chief Washington correspondent Major Garrett. The podcast is an outgrowth of Garrett’s coverage of the White House’s coronavirus press briefings which got picked up by all-news radio stations like “News Radio 880” WCBS New York and WTOP-FM Washington (103.5). Now as a weekly podcast covering a spectrum of Washington happenings, The DeBrief will release a new episode each Tuesday morning.

… The Bellingcat Podcast launches its second season with an investigation of the killing of two women and two young children who were executed at a roadside in Cameroon.

Hosted by Bellingcat founder Eliot Higgins, the story will center on video that appeared the women and children were killed by men in army uniform in the African nation. The video did not make it clear what army the men belonged to however, and the podcast will showcase the international team of investigators and volunteers who worked to uncover the truth. Season one of the Bellingcat Podcast investigated the shooting down of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 and was downloaded hundreds of thousands of times.

… 10 Questions With Kyle Brandt is a new sports podcast on the Ringer Podcast Network. The show is essentially a game show in which Brandt will ask each of his contestants. The trivia questions will cover topics ranging from sports to historical facts, with each one relating to an aspect of that contestant’s life. The first episode features Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers. The series will debut August 12.

… Nice White Parents is a new podcast from Serial Productions. The five-part series, hosted by journalist Chana Joffe-Walt, looks at the forces that have shaped the institutional structures of America’s public education system throughout history through the lens of one typical junior high school. Nice White Parents shifts the focus away from who our public schools are failing, to the people who are shaping conditions in schools. The series is produced by Julie Snyder and edited by Sarah Koenig, Neil Drumming and Ira Glass. Editorial consulting by Eve L. Ewing and Rachel Lissy. The original score for Nice White Parents is by The Bad Plus. On July 22, The New York Times Company struck a deal to buy Serial Productions.

… Speed of Sound is a new iHeartPodcast Network music-focused podcast that is hosted by Steve Greenberg, a music industry veteran who has helped launch the careers of Hanson and the Jonas Brothers, among others. The podcast will examine the unique historical circumstances that created some of music’s most remarkable and unlikely success stories. Greenberg is a longtime record producer who is currently the head of S-Curve Records.

… Don’t Ask Tig is a new American Public Media podcast hosted by stand-up comedian Tig Notaro who will deliver a dose of honest advice in the show. With the help of a rotating cast of guests—including Will Ferrell, Sarah Cooper and Glennon Doyle—Notaro will field listener’s questions on topics spanning the whole range of human experience, from how to get over heartbreak to how to cut your own hair with toddler scissors. Notaro was an early voice in the podcasting world, having hosted Professor Blastoff from 2011 to 2015. 

… In Another Room is a new horror podcast from The Violet Hour. The series will feature scripts written by seasoned screenwriters. They are a collection of interlocking ghost stories, each one taking place in a different room of a notoriously haunted house. These ghost stories span the entire history of the mysterious home—from its troubled construction in the 1870s to today—and recount the tragedies of the various souls that have lived, and died, within. The first three episodes of the podcast will drop on its premiere date of August 10, with five subsequent episodes released weekly on Mondays.

… Between The Devil is a new horror podcast from The Violet Hour. It features the story of a young girl in 18th century Europe stows away aboard her father’s newly-christened merchant ship. Instead of adventure she finds terror on the high seas, as rampant paranoia grips the crew, and unseen malevolent forces commandeer the vessel for their own purposes. Between The Devil will have eight-episodes that will be released weekly, on Mondays, from September 21 through October 26. 

… Million Bazillion is a new kid-focused podcast from American Public Media’s Marketplace. In the show, host Jed Kim will answer the sometimes awkward, sometimes surprising questions kids have about money. Along the way, he will get some help experts, kids, and famous guests like Kristen Bell and LeVar Burton. The podcast is a collaboration with Brains On!


… Reach: A Space Podcast for Kids is a new weekly podcast for kids about the exploration of the galaxy and beyond. It is hosted by Brian Holden and Meredith Stepien who will discuss topics based on questions they receive from young listeners. They will also suggest fun at-home experiments. The podcast will also include guest interviews with subject matter experts and thought partners from leading institutions like Chicago’s Adler Planetarium. The series is produced by creators Sandy Marshall and Nate DuFort. 

Perri Pierre Podcast tackles filmmaking, cinema, and television. It is hosted by Perri Pierre, a young filmmaker and actor, who talks about the creation of TV and film with guests. Some of the guests have been Denise Boutte, Javicia Leslie, Vanessa Bell Calloway, Peter Ellinas, Tosin Morohunfola, and Bill Duke. The show is produced by his media company, Perri Pierre Media.

The Distraction: A Defector Podcast is a new show launched by Defector Media, a company launched to nearly two dozen former Deadspin staffers. The show will be hosted by Drew Magary and David Roth. The podcast will launch on August 13 via Stitcher ahead of the planned September launch of the subscription website.

… Unpacked is a new podcast from the University of Nevada-Reno. Produced and hosted by David Stipech, who joined the marketing team after serving as General Manager at the University-owned news-talk/classical KUNR (88.7) last December, the podcast will highlight stories from the school. Stipech says Unpacked will give “a literal human voice to the University community.” Its aim is to connect listeners to the people behind the stories through conversations presented in a personal, credible, relatable and engaging way. 

An American Breakthrough is a new podcast from the U.S. Conference of Mayors. The show will feature mayors from across America discussing the biggest challenges facing cities, including COVID-19, police reform and issues related to diversity, equity and inclusion. The podcast will be hosted by Conference President Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer. “This new podcast will help facilitate these important conversations, bringing together leaders and experts to discuss how we can together power an American breakthrough," said Fischer.

The Socially Inspired Investor is a new podcast from Seasons of Advice Wealth Management. The show will feature presents in-depth interviews with thought leaders in environmental, social and governance (ESG) investing. The podcast is a companion to a newly launched newsletter, also designed as a resource for those who want to make better informed choices with how they deploy their investment funds.

… Concrete Credentials is a new podcast featuring feature experts from the design, development, construction, and other building sectors geared to educate listeners on the benefits of utilizing concrete. It was created by the National Ready Mixed Concrete Association. Concrete Credentials is hosted by Association Executive Vice President Gregg Lewis.