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Spit, the iHeartPodcast Network show that’s produced in a partnership with 23andMe, is expanding its focus as the podcast launches a new season today (Sept. 4). The first two seasons included conversations about cultural identity, race, family and health unlocked by genetic testing. In the third season, the focus will be on how DNA testing technology can help users not only find out more about their family history but also their likelihood for certain diseases, cancers or conditions. 

The first new episode of Spit features a conversation with people working on the frontlines of the fight against Parkinson’s disease. That includes Jimmy Choi, an American Ninja Warrior and Parkinson’s survivor, and Laila Ali, a retired boxer and current author, television host, and health and wellness advocate whose father, Muhammad Ali, lived with Parkinson’s for 32 years before his death in 2016. The episode will also include a conversation with the co-founder of the Michael J. Fox Foundation, Debi Brooks, and Andy Singleton, a Parkinson’s disease expert, about how each is leading the campaign to increase research for Parkinson’s.

In a recent interview with the Ad Age Ad Lib podcast, iHeartMedia CEO Bob Pittman called out the Spit podcast as a way that his company would use podcasting to not only develop audio content but also work with marketers to craft a compelling way for them to get their message to consumers. And while it’s a branded podcast, the company says the Baratunde Thurston-hosted show has become one of its best-performers.