Voice of Esports

Westwood One and the eSports company Subnation last month announced they formed a strategic alliance to develop audio content for the growing eSports community. Now that partnership has led to the launch of a new podcast aimed at capturing some of the buzz around the fast-growing eSports audience.

The show, titled The Voice of Esports, will highlight the pioneers of the lifestyle categories “to lift the lid on what's gone before and what's to come,” Westwood One says in the announcement. It’s designed to provide in-depth insights on the passion and creativity driving the global eSports gaming industry. Illustrating the popularity and the big business of eSports, the guest on the show’s first episode was Marcus Graham/DJ Wheat, one of the co-founders of Twitch, which sold for just under a billion dollars to Amazon. The podcast is hosted by gaming legend Paul “ReDeYe” Chaloner.

“We want to bring you the people who love eSports, who can share their passion, and educate you whether you're an expert, a novice, a casual gamer, or a skeptic. We want you to tune in and listen to these incredible human beings who bring eSports to life,” Chaloner said.

Seven Volpone, CEO of Subnation, calls Chaloner the perfect “host and ambassador” for his company’s new collaboration with Westwood One. “Paul is globally regarded as one of the most respected voices in eSports, and his deep knowledge and genuine passion are a testament to how dedicated Subnation is to celebrating the culture of gaming and lifestyle of eSports,” Volpone said in a statement.

As Inside Radio reported last month, Subnation formed a strategic alliance with Westwood One that began with a weekly radio feature on the nationally syndicated “Zach Sang Show.” It features Chaloner giving a weekly update on gaming news, current standings and new releases. Now with the podcast, Westwood One president Suzanne Grimes says they’ll offer listeners “access to the fiercest competitors, visionary publishers and developers, luminaries and influencers who are defining the eSports culture.”

A partnership between an eSports company like Subnation and a radio network like Westwood One makes sense. That’s because a recent MARU/Matchbox National Community study showed heavy eSports watchers are more likely to be heavy AM/FM radio listeners. The February 2019 study also found that heavy eSports viewers and heavy video game players frequently listen to sports, rock and CHR stations.