How hot are true crime podcasts? Hot enough that when Apple Podcasts’ new categories go live in the coming weeks, true crime will become a standalone category. Illustrating that advertisers go where the ears or eyeballs are, Magallen just did a review of the number of commercials airing on true crime podcasts. It doesn’t take any detective work to figure out which direction they’re heading.

The analysis shows the number of pre- and mid-roll ads that ran on True Crime podcasts increased 33% in June versus a year earlier. And the increase was a more substantial 43% in May. Magellan says its numbers are based on an examination of 181 podcasts that were listed as “popular podcasts” in the True Crime category on the Apple Podcasts website as of July 29, 2019. It says it detected ads on 66 of those shows.



Magellan says advertisers on True Crime podcasts tend be direct response marketers rather than big brands. Since the start of 2019 its analysis shows 86% of True Crime podcast ads were direct response. That compares to just over 70% for the top 2,000 podcasts overall.

In a blog post, Megallan also reports it found the at-home hair coloring product Madison Reed ran more spots than any other advertiser since the start of the year. That’s a switch from ZipRecruiter, which had been the No. 1 podcast advertiser every month between January and May. 

Top 10 True Crime Advertisers So Far In 2019:

  1. Madison Reed

  2. BetterHelp

  3. ZipRecruiter

  4. SimpliSafe

  5. Care/of

  6. Quip

  7. ThirdLove

  8. Robinhood

  9. ADT

  10. HelloFresh