Corona Virus Daily220

NPR is launching a new daily afternoon podcast focused on the COVID-19 pandemic. Coronavirus Daily is a ten-minute podcast hosted by Kelly McEvers, who is also the host of the Embedded podcast. NPR says the purpose of the podcast is to offer listeners all the news they need to know about the outbreak in a single place and how it’s affecting our daily lives, from public health and personal finances to the global economy, politics, society and culture.

“During this time, keeping podcast listeners informed about the fast-moving coronavirus story is a clear example of our public service mission,” said Anya Grundmann, NPR’s Senior VP of Programming and Audience Development. “The pandemic is affecting not just our health as individuals and communities, but our livelihoods, economy and political system in every way; this podcast will gather NPR’s reporting in all these beats from correspondents around the country and the world.”

NPR looks to leverage its deep bench of reporters during reports from member stations across the country and NPR’s international desk, as well as relevant episodes from other NPR podcasts such as Short Wave, The Indicator, Life Kit and Planet Money.

“We hope this podcast will make it easy for listeners to seamlessly find our best audio coverage about the coronavirus pandemic while still giving them a sense of continuity and companionship with Kelly McEvers as a host,” said Neal Carruth, Senior Director of On-Demand News.