Radio Amulante220

Radio Ambulante, the only Spanish-language podcast produced by NPR, has just become available on Spotify to grow the show’s audience outside the U.S. "Most of the 180 episodes we have produced on Radio Ambulante come from Latin American countries. Coming to Spotify is opening the door for many more people in the region to hear our stories and discover that diversity that connects us,” said Radio Ambulante CEO Carolina Guerrero.

The announcement comes as the Daniel Alarcón-hosted Radio Ambulante launches its tenth season. The podcast began in 2011, partnering with NPR in 2016 for distribution and becoming the first Spanish-language podcast for the public radio network. The podcast has received more than 18 million downloads from listeners worldwide.

"NPR is very proud to support the excellent journalistic work of Daniel Alarcón and his powerful team of reporters in the Latino world," said Anya Grundmann, SVP of Programming at NPR. "Now thanks to Spotify's broad international reach, it will be even easier for listeners in Latin America and Europe to subscribe to the podcast and listen to Radio Ambulante's chronicles.”

NPR says there are also Radio Ambulante “Listening Clubs” in more than 50 cities in the United States, Latin America, and Europe. To appeal to non-Spanish speakers, the podcast releases English and Spanish transcripts of each episode on the Radio Ambulante website. 

In its new season, the producers say there will be 30 new episodes covering a range of topics on what it means to be Latin American today. That includes conversations with a street artist in Ecuador who painted pigs on a wall and terrorized a city. A Costa Rican atheist who went on a crusade to confirm a miracle. And the orangutan that sues the Argentine government. 

"We are happy to welcome Radio Ambulante to Spotify in Latin America," said Javier Piñol, Head of Spotify Studios in Latin America and US Latinx. "Without a doubt, Spotify listeners in Latin America will be happy to listen to one of the most popular podcasts in Spanish, which features rich stories from every corner of our region and culture."