The podcast hosting company Omny Studio has added a new feature that will allow users to create content feeds that could be put behind a paywall or made exclusive for their audiences. By leveraging this new capability, publishers can utilize this capability to provide an ad-free version of a feed for podcast subscribers or private content for specific members.

“With podcast consumption on the rise, publishers need the utmost control over the creation and distribution of their content in order to both retain and grow their listening audiences,” said Sharon Taylor, Managing Director at Omny Studio’s parent company, Triton Digital. “The ability to create exclusive-access feeds enables publishers to expand upon their existing content to offer premium podcasts, bonus episodes, ad-free feeds, and more that will enable them to further their reach and increase their revenue.”

The move could mean podcasts from publishers that use Omny Studios such as Cumulus Media in the U.S., Bell Media in Canada, Grupo Bluradio in Colombia, CRP Radios in Peru, and DigitalMDE in Italy. It is the latest upgrade for Omny Studios, which in May added several new metrics to its user dashboard to help podcasters better track show consumption.

The lack of a paywall feature has been a noteworthy omission from Omny Studios as most of the other podcast hosting platforms have already added the option. For instance, Acast added the tool in May 2019.

Triton Digital says more than 24,000 podcasts from around the world are hosted on the Omny Studio platform.