Fault Line Season 2 220

Oregon Public Broadcasting (OPB) has teamed with Sony Music Entertainment to create a new season of its investigative podcast series The Fault Line. Hosted by investigative journalist Sergio Olmos, The Fault Line: Dying for a Fight examines the still unsolved 2019 homicide of Sean Kealiher, a prominent face of the anti-fascist movement in Portland.

Featuring raw audio captured from the streets of Portland and exclusive interviews with key members of Portland’s political melting pot, the creators say Dying for a Fight presents an “on the ground” feeling from the various protests and rallies leading up to several pivotal encounters between groups at the political extremes. Olmos explores how Kealiher’s killing, which is still unsolved, foreshadows the anti-police uprising that came just a few months later and why Portland continues to be a hotbed for political violence.

“Political violence is now part of the language of American politics, whether it’s street fights between proud boys and anti-fascists or the storming of the U.S. Capitol,” says Olmos. “Heated debates are no longer confined to social media, but bleed into the streets. Extremism lives in the void of American life, a void that is growing.”

In the podcast, Olmos will dive deep into Kealiher’s world, including talking to prominent activists in the city's Black Lives Matter movement, as they join Sean's mother in her search for justice.

The series is executive produced by Lizzie Jacobs and Grant Irving from Somethin’ Else, as well as Anna Griffin and Ryan Haas from Oregon Public Broadcasting.