Last In Gym Class

Picked Last in Gym Class

If Lacey Henderson’s past is any indication, her new podcast is sure to prove to be a success. Henderson, who was diagnosed with a rare soft tissue tumor at age nine and had her leg amputated above the knee competed in the Rio 2016 Paralympic Games in in the Long Jump. Now she’s launch the Picked Last in Gym Class podcast from DCP Entertainment.

“My journey through sports, my journey just through finding out who I am, so much of it has been fueled by the connections and relationships I've made with others," says Henderson. "My biggest passion is the connections that we have with each other.”

Picked Last in Gym Class will feature interviews with guests who have faced setbacks, struggles, and tough moments, but have found a way to live positive and fulfilling lives. Guests lined up for its first season include “Breaking Bad” actor RJ Mitte, musician Andrew McMahon, former professional basketball player Paul Shirley, and comedian Jasmyn Carter.

The show will have both audio and video components. Picked Last in Gym Class premieres June 18 with a 20-minute video episode airing on YouTube. It will also publish extended podcast episodes. DCP says it’s also partnered with artist Joel Strong to create custom art for the series and each episode of the season.

DCP Entertainment says Henderson’s experience makes her uniquely qualified to be a representative of the disabled community, and she discusses that on the show. The aim is to show that through conversations with entrepreneurs, athletes, activists, and creatives, there are things we all can relate to — like how we handle the obstacles life throws in our way, and finding humor throughout it all.

“Our company’s mission is to provide an outlet for people of all backgrounds to tell their stories, and Lacey is a perfect example of someone who has defied the odds to reach her goals,” CEO Chris Colbert said in a statement. “Disability and struggle don’t discriminate, and we’re proud to share the stories of Lacey and others who have been able to achieve greatness despite the setbacks that could have derailed their journey.”